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This Citi Private Bank Cookie Policy applies to information gathered from or (‘our Website’) and the Citi Private Bank In View online client portal operating within our Website.

We use cookies and similar technologies in our Website to store information, enhance your browsing experience and improve its functionality. We may also use cookies in our web-based applications and emails. This Cookie Policy is provided to you and should be read in conjunction with the Online Privacy Notice and the Privacy Policy for your location.

A "cookie" is a small, randomly encoded, text file that a site stores on your web browser and can later retrieve. We may set cookies (first party) or they may be set by our service providers either prior to your visit or as you engage with our Website (third party).

The Website uses several types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies allow our services operate in a secure and reliable manner and provide basic service functionalities within our sites. These cookies are essential for a bank's site and your internet browser will accept them by default. You can set your browser to delete them after each online session or at any time thereafter.
  • Functional cookies provide enhanced and personalized Website functionality such as preferred language or region. They change the way the Website looks and behaves and can remember customisation changes you may have made on our site. They also allow us to understand the effectiveness of our site and how visitors interact with content, collecting and reporting anonymous data via Adobe Experience Cloud and Google Analytics. These cookies may be set by us or a third party.
  • Marketing cookies track usage across the Website and build a profile of your interests to provide you with a personalised experience across the site, and show you targeted advertising and content which we think will be of interest on social channels and on third-party websites. These cookies may be set by us or a third party.

In addition to our own cookies on the Website, we may also use the following third-party cookies:

  • Advertising technology platforms, including from The Trade Desk® or those provided by Google such as Google Marketing® and Google Analytics® products and their features: Google AdSense,Google AdWords, DoubleClick and Customer Match data. This helps us deliver you adverts and content which may be relevant to you or to track your visits to certain websites and help us understand your browsing activities so that we can measure the success of online advertising campaigns. Information captured typically includes web requests, session ID, browser types, browser languages and/or the date and time of the information requests. Citi is the ultimate controller of such ads. You can change your browser settings to manage the ads you see - please refer to Google’s opt-out tool for more information. We have contractual and technical measures in place to prevent unauthorised access or use of personal information processed in the United States. Google Analytics and Google Marketing Platform are brands of Google, Inc., a U.S. electronic communications services provider that is also subject to the CLOUD Act (USC 2523) and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (50 USC 36 S. 1801), which contain provisions that allow federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to request browsing and technical data stored by Google, in certain conditions.
  • From social media companies, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, to track engagement with our content and visits to our Website in order to serve you and people with similar profiles with targeted messages.

You can change cookie settings in our website at any time, to manage consents for advertising cookies and analytics. You can also prevent advertising cookies and analytics from tracking you across websites by changing the privacy settings in your browser.

Cookies may be temporary so that after your visit to our Website (known as a session) they will expire automatically, or they may have a longer duration. Session cookies allow you to use the Website more effectively without having to re-enter information. Cookies with a longer duration will remain in the cookie file of your browser until they expire or until you delete them.

You may decide that you would prefer not to have these cookies despite their ability to remember you and your preferences. You can select or change your cookie preference on our Website at any point by clicking on Cookie Preferences in the site’s footer. If you would prefer to set your cookies at a browser level, you should visit the help pages provided within your browser or and others.

If you change your cookie settings, we may still use any data collected prior to the change. Your new preferences will go into effect immediately and, if you have selected off, any non-essential cookies will be disabled.

You can view detailed information regarding each individual cookie, its purpose and its duration in the table below.

No cookie set by Citi on your web browser will contain information that could jeopardize bank secrecy or enable unrelated third parties to gather information about you. You can learn more about how we use your personal data in our Online Privacy Notice and in the relevant Privacy Notice for your location (available by clicking on Privacy in the site footer).

As well as our Website cookies, we also use cookies and similar technologies in some emails and push notifications. These help us to understand whether and how you have dealt with your email. If you have enabled images, cookies may be set on your computer or mobile device. Cookies will also be set if you click on any link within the email. 

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This policy was last updated in March 2023.