Commercial real estate financing

We understand the challenges facing today’s commercial real estate entrepreneurs and think creatively to provide dynamic financing strategies.

Commercial real estate is an important investment for many of the worldly and wealthy investors we serve.

However, some of the more sophisticated and attractive opportunities within this asset class are only available privately.

For over 25 years, our dedicated team has underwritten, negotiated, and managed financing for real estate portfolios around the world.

Our lending portfolio includes office buildings, multi-family properties, warehouses and distribution facilities, mixed-use or flexspace, and retail centers.

We typically finance assets in the $10 million to $100 million+ range and deliver highly customized short-term and long-term strategies to help meet your specific needs.


Our offering includes a range of flexible loan terms and structures, competitive interest rates and a long-term commitment to funding throughout the real-estate cycle.

We are also skilled at customizing lending structures and may be able to identify untapped potential in properties that other lenders may overlook.

Our tailored financing strategies help facilitate acquisitions and provide liquidity for sophisticated commercial real estate investors.

Rick Werner
Global Head of Commercial Real Estate Finance

How we serve you

Strategies built around your needs
Financing can help you acquire, renovate, reposition or refinance property as well as free up liquidity for new projects.

Our commercial real estate lending strategies reflect your financial circumstances in addition to the asset you are financing.

Our responsive loan approval process helps deals to close faster and maximizes your negotiating position.

Access to further financing
The Private Bank works closely with Citi’s Institutional Clients Group.

We can introduce you to our real estate investment banking and commercial real estate finance groups.

For qualified clients, a range of investment banking services, including acquisition advice, initial public offerings, and preferred stock and debt placements are available.

Structuring your assets
Our services go beyond helping to meet commercial real estate financing needs.

Working with our wealth planners and your independent tax and legal advisors, we can develop a strategy to pass assets on to beneficiaries of your choosing.

We can also help manage, oversee and administer assets on your behalf.


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